Marijuana, Hemp, CBD

Is weed legal, can I get a medical card to smoke, will I be arrested for having hemp or CBD oil? Let’s see. The Texas Legislature just ended their season and they made some changes to marijuana, CBD, hemp, and failed to make serious changes in marijuana which would bring…

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The State of Texas in its infinite wisdom decided to fund hospitals on the backs of those who are least able to afford to pay. If you were driving without a license, a suspended license, insurance, or a DWI you would have to pay a surcharge which is nothing more…

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DWI Deferred Adjudication


DWI Deferred Probation Prior to the passage of House Bill 3581, if you were arrested for a DWI you faced 4 possibilities, you could fight the case and attempt to get it dismissed, attempt to get a pretrial intervention, if your county had such a program, or had a conviction…

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