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Expunctions and Non-disclosures

It maybe possible for to have your criminal record sealed or erased. To get started all we need is some information so we can give you your options.

Criminal Defense

Are you or someone you know charged with a crime? We want to defend you and help you through this process. We have a hands on process that is designed to get offer you the legal help you deserve.

Personal Injury

Were you injured by someone? If you are seeking justice for a harm done to you, then we can help. Let’s get to work solving that harm.

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Affordable Legal Services

We understand that no one ever plans on needing a lawyer. At times, life happens. That is why we are happy to offer affordable prices and payment plans. Each case is different and as such we offer different options based upon your needs.

Personalized Care

We all want great customer service and the feeling that we matter. Jewett Legal Group strives to treat you as a person and not as a file. Be assured that while you are working with Jewett Legal Group you will be given the personal attention that you deserve. We understand the stress that comes with a legal issue and one of our goals, besides coming to an acceptable solution to your problem, is to release some off that stress from our clients.

24 Access

Because of our fast pace world, it is very hard to get everything done in 24 hours. This is why we offer 24 hour access to your case. All of our clients have online access to their case just in case you ever have a question, need to provide documents, or just need an update your case.


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